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Full Name- Rin
Age- 14
Hair- greyish platinum
Eyes- bright red
Height- 5'3 1/2
Weight- somewhere between 140 and 160 lbs
Breed- Draconic
Sexuality- straight
   Mother: Lariess (biological, whereabouts unknown), Nessity Wolfbane (adopted)
   Father: Syrisius Wolfbane (adopted)
   Siblings: Yuujin (biological, whereabouts unknown), Kaineesa (adopted), Maina/Nab (adopted),
                Star (adopted), Oloth Le'slager (adopted), Noire (adopted), Seth (adopted), Donoven (adopted),
                Lilly (adopted), Alick (adopted), Laci (adopted), Demoral (adopted)

   Current love interest: Asetra Tano (girlfriend)
   Previous love interest: Draya Maranasa (crush, childhood friend)

Posessions- A few change of clothes, a small allowance from his mother to keep himself comfortable while away from home.