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Vespertine vampires can have intercourse, and it often times can be a simple process, other times it can not. Such depends upon the age and will of the vampire in question, its something that one must consciously desire and will into existence. The female must WANT to feel these things so bad that it activates the nerves in that part of the body as such is with the male as well. After all, the brain is the nerve center of the body and when a Vespire feeds, the blood automatically cycles through that area, keeping the brain preserved.

A female Vespertine vampire can indeed bare children, and a male can indeed produce seed. The process is one that takes much effort on both the part of the male and the female however, more so on the part of the female.

In order for such a thing to take place, both the male and female must 'over feed' for one weeks time prior to the planned conception. The over feeding is needed because the vampire is to use this excess blood to fule the parts of the body that are needed during the child baring process. For the male, he must use it to awaken his testis and the female must use it to bring life back into her ovaries, fallopian tubes, est.

Now once those parts are up to par once more, intercourse must take place.. and directly following such the female must go feed. She must continue to over feed through out the entire pregnancy, if she misses one day... the child will wither and die within her, unable to sustain itself at such a young age. Thus is why the birth of a 'natural' vampire is such a difficult process within this breed.

If the mother has done as she must to sustain the infant within her, then she'll give birth in due time (six weeks real time, gage that as how ever long you want in game). The birthing process is standard, the same as any mortal would do, either vaginal or by cesarean, which ever is easiest for the infant.

The aging process is a rapid one by most standards (about a year a week real time)... children spring up into adults in no time, if they're full breeds... if they're only half then it takes a bit longer (two to three weeks real time per year), but the process still seems a bit rapid. As they progressively get older, they begin to receive certain gifts dependant upon how much of the blood they have in them. Along with the gifts comes an equal amount of 'curses' so to speak, at first at least. With age comes more gifts though.. and the flaws will remain the same. They evolve, not devolve. Forward, not backward.

They'll behave as normal children growing up, save for that they drink blood instead of milk or juice as an infant. Oh, and of course the whole.. ageing process, other than that though, they appear 'normal'.

Once they hit the appearance of a young adult (eighteen - twenty one) they'll stop aging outwardly, and only continue to age on the inside. The rapid aging will begin to cease as well, slowing down to a normal rate by the age of two hundred and fifty. Aging as mortals do from that point on, but not physically - only mentally. They'll continue to grow, to evolve, until one day... they come to their immortal end.
As an immortal, it is true that they shall live forever - but in what state is hard to say. Many believe that a Vespertine eventually becomes a shadow around four thousand years of age... some believe them to go insane and either be put down in a fit of rage, or perhaps to lock themselves away in a cave somewhere, never to be seen again. Some believe that they continue to evolve and eventually take on their inner beasts form and ascend or descend to some other plane of existence. Perhaps its a mix of them all? One thing is certain however, after so long... their mortal shell can no longer sustain them, so something must 'snap'.

The Gifts
At birth a babe will be as normal as any mortal child, yet by the age of two they should have developed one of the following, and no more:

  -Supernatural Healing: If the vampire some how managed to get their side gashed open enough to where one could actually peer down into the wound and see their ribcage, that wound would take a maximum of one hour to heal, without scaring (unless inflicted by silver, of course). Minor scrapes, bruises, or even semi-serious cuts seem to heal almost magically, from the time it is inflicted it starts to grow back over. Giving the vampire an amazing healing rate.

  -Supernatural Hearing: The vampire can hear whispers coming from up to forty feet away. Easily enabling the vampire to hear a conversation taking place across the room from her. This ability also enables them to pin point a certain voice in a room full of people, or perhaps even hear through walls.

  -Supernatural Sight: She is able to see up to a mile away, if in straight shot of the target that happens to be at the end of that mile. She could read normal sized print from this distance, if she were to concentrate, and easily read large print.


At the age of four they'll gain another one of the abilities from the list above, and at six they'll get the last plus one of the following:

  -Supernatural Speed: The vampire can move at a speed that the mortal eye could never actually catch. Able to simply 'appear' in different places around a room, or any other area they happened to be in, in the blink of an eye - literally. From the time it would take a human to blink, the vampire could be city blocks away, or directly in their face, depending on the circumstance.

  -Supernatural Agility: Able to leap up to two stories into the air without injury, also able to land easily from that leap. The vampire has the ability to know how to hold themselves in such a way that they can sustain impact from large falls, or jumps.


At the age of twelve they'll begin to develop physical traits:
  -Clawed hands
  -Clawed feet
  -Eyes taking on an almost feral shape, much like the beast that dwells within them
  -Fang control (they'll be able to control the length of their fangs by thought, a very painful process...)
  -Or some other feature that their inner beast carries, we'll leave it up to the child’s player at this point.


As the age of fourteen rolls around they'll begin to notices a few 'powers' developing. They should have at least two of these by their fifteenth year:

  -Telepathy: The vampire, if the victims mind is willing (or un-expecting), can hold a conversation with them in their mind. Reading their replies as they come along in thought, and then giving their own replies. As stated, like a simple conversation.

  -Telekinesis: The ability to lift move and/or lift something with ones mind. This skill will only improve with practice and age. At first the vampire may find it difficult to make something as simple as a piece of parchment slide across a table, but in due time it will become much easier. Being able to lift things as large as a full grown human into the air with ease and perhaps even fling them. This skill requires great concentration at first, but will become as natural as opening and closing your hand with practice.

  -Evil Eye: Mental attack requiring complete concentration from the vampire. If the attack goes through, the victim takes stun damage in a rather large dose (like being frightened to death). Large amounts of stun can turn into real damage. The effects of this rite appear as a heart attack or minor stroke. This spell is not stackable, but the damage is not reduced by armor.

  -Mind Reading: Similar to empathy, but allows the caster to read surface thoughts as well. The vampire can literally read the thoughts of the target, images would appear in the users mind as they would appear in the victims. Being able to search back as far as where the victims memories start to fade (IE. early child hood). The vampire can not inflict damage this way, nor can they erase or implant thoughts. This is only a tool used to gain information.


When the age of sixteen hits, they should have developed all of the abilities above.. and be finding themselves starting to take on a few shadow skills:

  -Shadow Play: The vampire can manipulate shadows and dim (though not extinguish) light in the area. Among other users (such as eliminating the vampire's own shadow), this power gives the vampire the ability to be more stealthy and intimidating (the vampire is able to subtly manipulate the shadows around her body to make her appear more menacing).

  -Nightshades: The vampire may invoke murky and indistinct shadow images. They may be of the vampire himself (useful for a diversion), monsters or even inanimate objects. The images are completely incorporeal and attacks merely pass through them. They are man-sized; however, with due concentration the images may increase in size. Alternately, this power may be used to shroud and obscure the general area with a bewildering array of flitting forms, confusing and disorienting the vampire's enemies.

  -Shadow Body: The vampire can turn her body into an oozing form of shadow. In this form, the vampire may see in pitch darkness, slither through the tiniest of cracks, and is immune to physical harm (although she may not attack physically either). Fire and sunlight still do their normal damage, and indeed are more painful to a vampire in this form. The vampire may not fly, but may slither along surfaces at normal speeds.

  -Shadow Step: The vampire can walk through one shadow and exit another up to 50 feet away or to a place that the vampire is fairy familiar with. This power acts as a limited form of teleportation. The vampire may use it to bypass solid walls, asend a floor in a building, and get around other obstacles. The vampire may also try to use this power to pull others through a shadow to him. The vampire may do this by reaching into the shadow, grabbing the victim and pulling the victim through the shadow to his own location.


By the age of twenty or so, the vampire should have developed all of the above skills... no matter if they've chosen to master them or not, they will still have the ability to use them.

The following abilities/skills/est. are things that they should have gained by the time the rapid aging as ceased. They'll be full grown then, both mind and body (hopefully), by the age of two hundred and fifty:


  -Command: The vampire locks eyes with the subject and speaks a one word command which must be obeyed instantly. The order must be clear and straight forward --- run, cough, fall, yawn, jump, laugh, sneeze, stop, belch, follow. If the command is at all confusing or ambiguous, the subject may respond slowly or perform the task poorly. The subject can not be ordered to do something directly harmful to herself, so a command like "die" is ineffective. The command may be included in a sentence, thereby concealing the power's use from others. The effort at subtlety still require the Kindred to make eye contact at the proper moment and stress the keyword slightly.

  -Mesmerize: With this power, a vampire can verbally implant a false thought or hypnotic suggestion in the subject's subconscious mind. Both Kindred and target must be free from distraction, since Mesmerize requires intense concentration and precise wording to be effective. The vampire may activate the imposed thought immediately or establish a stimulus that will trigger it later. The victim must be able to understand the vampire, although the two need to maintain eye contact only as long as it takes to implant the idea.

  -The Forgetful Mind: After capturing the subject's gaze,the vampire delves into the subject's memories, stealing or re-creating them at his whim. The Forgetful Mind does not allow for telepathic contact; the Kindred operates much like a hypnotist, asking directed questions and drawing out answers from the subject. The degree of memory alteration depends on what the vampire desires. He may alter the subject's mind only slightly -- quite effective for eliminating memories of the victims meeting or even being fed upon by the vampire -- or utterly undo the victim's memories of her past.

  -Arms of the Abyss: The vampire can summon one or more tendrils of darkness from a shadowy area to grasp foes. Each tendril has the strength, dexterity, and the fight in it of a super human. Not of the un-dead themselves, however.

  -Eyes of the Night: The vampire is able to see anything that goes on within the dark force created by any other user of the shadow abilities. Thus, the vampire could evoke the Shroud of Night in another room and clairvoyantly scan the area within. As long as the vampire is not in a well-lit area, she may view her surroundings anywhere within 50 feet of her own body just by closing her eyes and concentrating.

  -Shadow Slave: The vampire may animate her own shadow, employing it as a sentry and even combatant. The vampire must be in an area where she casts a shadow for this power to be effective. One unnerving side effect of prolonged use of this power is a growing semi-independence and even sentience on the part of the shadow. A vampire who uses this power occasionally finds her shadow leaping and capering about of its own accord, trailing unnaturally far behind the vampire, or even mocking the vampire behind her back.

There are other mental and shadow abilities to be learned, but only one Vespire has mastered these.. and she’s very picky as to whom she trains.