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   All Vespires arenít born, some are made. This process is usually referred to as turning, or 'siring'. The product of this is called a 'childe' or a 'fledgling', basically meaning a new or young vampire. The rebirth as we call it is a slightly complicated process, I suppose you could say this at least. Lets first start by explaining how the process begins, what will happen if the vampire doesn't take it all the way, and what will happen if they do:

   Generally speaking, Vespertine Vampires are very seductive, magical creatures. Able to weave a web of deceit or pleasure around their prey thatís so thick it often times blinds the meal or potential childe in question.

   The process usually starts with idle chat, Vespires arenít ones to push themselves on others, no. They have to lull them into it first...

   Once the conversation is going, just like any good temptress the Vespire will move in closer and begin to touch the victim, now here is were the entire out come is decided. If the mortal in question shies away from their touch, then it may be a forceful feeding where the being will get left alone, drained of most of their life and energy, if not all of it. But if the mortal decides that they like the Vespires actions, and kind of... goes along with it, their fate will be more pleasant.

   After the victim has been lulled into a false sense of security they'd either be further seduced.. and well.. taken advantage of, or the Vespire would just go straight in for the bite. Which ever one came first, the outcome would be as follows:

   The initial bite is painful, as always thought to be - a feeling that would rush through the general area, like fire coursing through the veins. Then suddenly, without warning, that fire would turn to a cool stream... bringing a sensation of pleasure, even arousal along with it. A calming feeling, tranquil and serene - as if some divine hand lay upon them at that very moment.

   This is caused by the Vespires saliva, and often times the fangs themselves. A portion of their fangs are hollow, the tips containing a small hole much like a snakes - though they have no known reptilian descent - which they inject a sort of toxin into their victims upon biting. Now if they decide NOT to do this, then the victim will simply feel calm and not aroused, the saliva brings the calm. When biting, the vampire will usually lick the wound a bit before they begin to suckle, this is only to mix their saliva with the victims blood. The slightly thick substance seems to take on a sentience when such is done, traveling through the body like a bacteria, attacking their nerves and dulling them, bringing them that tranquil feeling.

   Feeding would take place at this point, for however long the Vespire wishes it to go on. They could drain person dry, though its said to never drink the last drop, once the heart has stopped being. Its rumored that the mortals soul will suck the vampires essence out with it. But thatís only a rumor... right?
   Once feeding has commenced, the Vespire has three options: One, either turn the mortal into a vampire, two, make the mortal a blood doll, or three.. feed and leave them with nothing but a foggy memory of what had happened.

   If they chose the blood doll route, its a simple one to follow. A Vespires bite is addictive, leaving the mortal wanting more of the vampire in any way that they can possibly get it. If left alone, its even rumored that the used mortal will go into a state of withdraw for a few hours, as if coming off of some strong drug. If the vampire is there however, when the potential doll awakens and proceeds to feed them a thimble full of their own blood - then this will calm the withdraw process but create a 'link' between the two. Causing the doll to be loyal from that point forward, as long as the Vespire continues to occasionally feed the new pet a sample of their blood, that is. And of course, the vampire may feel from the doll at will for as long as they like.. without bringing them to the point of death.

   However! If the opposite is true, or the Vespire simply.. slips up and drains their precious dolly to the point of death.. but doesn't really want to lose them, thereís always the option of turning them to save them. At the point of death, that fine line between dark and light.. in that moment the vampire must slice a main artery - the wrist is usually the easiest, and allow the potential childe to feed, drinking their fill.. enough to weaken the 'pire substantially. When this has finished, the Vespires job is done.. they simply have to sit back and watch.

   A warm feeling would come over the fledgling, the feeling of death.. that peace and serenity often felt as one 'moves toward the light'. Yet in the midst of this wondrous feeling, they'd begin to feel a clenching in their stomach - like cramps. This feeling would move through out their body rapidly, only increasing in force - brining the barer much pain. Their organs would begin to shut down one by one, and soon they would indeed die. As death came to claim their soul, another soul of sorts.. or essence.. would rise from the mix of the Vespires blood and their own and take over the body. A possession if you will.

   Rebirth would follow soon after, the newly sired fledgling would rise up... retaining most or not all of their old memories (this is left to the players discretion, of course) and would begin their life. One of the main differences between those which are born a Vespire and those whom are brought in by siring, is that they don't have as many attributes as a natural Vespire would, and they also gain their physical gifts at a much slower rate. At the point of rebirth, they will posses the following, and the rest must be obtained over time:

    -1/2 Supernatural Speed: The vampire can move at a speed that the mortal eye could never actually catch. Able to simply 'appear' in different places around a room, or any other area they happened to be in, in the blink of an eye - literally. From the time it would take a human to blink, the vampire could be city blocks away, or directly in their face, depending on the circumstance.
    -Supernatural Healing: If the vampire some how managed to get their side gashed open enough to where one could actually peer down into the wound and see their ribcage, that wound would take a maximum of one hour to heal, without scaring (unless inflicted by silver, of course). Minor scrapes, bruises, or even semi-serious cuts seem to heal almost magically, from the time it is inflicted it starts to grow back over. Giving the vampire an amazing healing rate.
    -Supernatural Hearing: The vampire can hear whispers coming from up to forty feet away. Easily enabling the vampire to hear a conversation taking place across the room from her. This ability also enables them to pin point a certain voice in a room full of people, or perhaps even hear through walls.
    -Supernatural Sight: She is able to see up to a mile away, if in straight shot of the target that happens to be at the end of that mile. She could read normal sized print from this distance, if she were to concentrate, and easily read large print.
    -Telepathy: The vampire, if the victims mind is willing (or un-expecting), can hold a conversation with them in their mind. Reading their replies as they come along in thought, and then giving their own replies. As stated, like a simple conversation.
    -Concentrated Shadow Step: The vampire can walk through one shadow and exit another up to 50 feet away or to a place that the vampire is fairy familiar with after a sufficent amount of meditation on said place. This power acts as a limited form of teleportation. The vampire may use it to bypass solid walls, ascend a floor in a building, and get around other obstacles. The vampire may also try to use this power to pull others through a shadow to him if both the vampire and the one whom will be transported meditate on it prior to the attempt. If successful the vampire may do this by reaching into the shadow, grabbing the victim and pulling the victim through the shadow to his own location.

See Nessitysí page for full details of everything that one can learn.